Home tour : Playroom

I believe a playroom should be bright, colourful and full of fun. I wanted to create a space where they can sit and read a book in the reading nook, or play with their castle, kitchen. I tend to buy traditional toys, and love wooden toys, and retro inspired.

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Gallery Wall

I am currently searching the internet, for art work and photographs for the gallery wall I want to create in my living room. My first stop is often Etsy, with their abundance of great illustrators, artists and photographers. I am also find Pinterest a great source of knowledge and inspiration. I found these great pins via Holly Would and the glitter guide on how to hang and design your gallery wall.

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I also found some great examples of gallery walls to inspire me.

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Home tour : Bedroom

I love the outdoors, I especially like being near the sea, so any chance I get I tried to go, which isn’t as much as I would like, so I like to have little reminds in my home, like these beautiful paintings.


With my bedroom I wanted to create a calm, and tranquil atmosphere to relax, so I used a neutral colour palette, of white, blue and grey.


I also placed catcus and other plants in the bedroom to help bring the room to life and bring a good energy and flow to the space.



Colour inspiration

I have recently returned from a family holiday in Cornwall, and the scenery was breathtaking, the calmness of the blue sea, the beautiful golden beaches against the green freshness of the hills. Not forgetting the beautiful bold colours dotted around the small fishing villages, lots of ideas and colours to bring back to my home. Here are some pictures of my trip. 

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